muto is new. muto is the only provider in the world to combine consulting, production, application and installation of wood.  muto sets standards in the segment of natural surface solutions.


For those who value the original and aesthetically integrate it in room design. Who prefer a genuine wood surface over a very good imitation and desire the naturalness of the wood. Because they simply know better. muto is for designers, architects and contractors with very high standards.

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NUO. Soft wood.

NUO. Real wood. As soft as leather.

NUO is as soft as leather and as flexible as fabric - completely animal-free and made of real wood. A sensation! The patented "soft wood" already is dressing first shoes, handbags and car seats, and is now coming worldwide on the market.

NUO consists of high-quality veneer, which comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. The millimeter-fine real wood is glued to an environmentally friendly carrier material (cotton), engraved with a laser and can be covered with a protective layer of wax or lacquer if desired. The fine engraving gives the wood surface its flexibility. The carrier material gives strength and ensures that NUO is easy to work with.

Further information can be found on our NUO website

Wood as supple as leather!

NUO. Soft wood in an unprecedented form.

Six species of wood and four types of engraving are available as standard. The standard sizes are 1250mm x 620mm, 1250mm x 1240mm and 2500 x 1240mm. Significantly larger formats up to 2800mm in length and 1240mm in width can also be produced on request. The specific characteristics of NUO, such as flexibility, weight and thickness of the material, depend essentially on the type of wood used, the type of production, the substrate and the surface finish.

NUO, engraving type T1L

Engraving type T1L

Available wood species: Ash, Oak, Beech, natural Walnut, Fineline Light and Fineline Walnut

NUO, engraving type T1S

Engraving type T1S

Available wood species: Ash, Beech, natural Walnut, Fineline Light and Fineline Walnut

NUO, engraving type T4

Engraving type T4

Available wood species: Ash, Oak, Beech, natural Walnut, Fineline Light and Fineline Walnut

NUO, engraving type TX

Engraving type TX

Available wood species: Ash, Oak, Beech, natural Walnut, Fineline Light and Fineline Walnut

muto GRID natural horizon Oak


muto GRID opens a new dimension in design! The plaited patterns are fascinatingly three-dimensional. Eight designs are currently available from stock. The fleece backing makes the veneers easy and versatile to process. This unusual product is made from single, pre-sanded veneer sheets.

muto GRID light twist


muto GRID is available in a standard size of 2.44m x 1.22m with an average thickness of 1 - 1.2mm (depending on the design). muto GRID can be produced up to a maximum length of 3.05m. The surfaces can be finally painted or oiled. In addition to the eight available designs, individual variants according to customer requirements are possible. The only requirement being the minimum width of 2 cm for the individual strips. The name of this collection is muto GRID exclusive. We look forward to your challenge!

muto GRID natural slope Oak

MUTO GRID | Design natural slope Oak



muto GRID dark slope

MUTO GRID | Design dark slope



muto GRID light slope

MUTO GRID | Design light slope



muto GRID natural twist Oak
muto GRID dark twist

MUTO GRID | Design dark twist

muto GRID light twist

MUTO GRID | Design light twist



muto GRID natural horizon Oak

MUTO GRID | Design natural horizon Oak



muto GRID grey horizon

MUTO GRID | Design grey horizon




muto GRID exclusive

MUTO GRID | Design exclusive CoCo Taupe



Onco Cubus


Best medical care needs an appropriate framework
Sometimes you simply reach your limits. In the case of the two successful physicians Dr. Petra Reimann and Dr. Dorothea Riesenbeck, who have been running a radiation therapy practice in Recklinghausen for more than twelve years, however, this was not in a professional sense. It was quite the opposite. More and more patients were finding their way to the group practice, which works closely with local hospitals, as a professional point of contact that was bursting at the seams over time. A plan B was needed, and so the decision was made to establish a second location.

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Staatstheater Stuttgart
Staatstheater Stuttgart
Staatstheater Stuttgart
Kreissparkasse Nordhausen
Festspielhaus Erl
NS Dokuzentrum München
NS Dokuzentrum München
LMU München; Fotos: Alexander Schweitzer
LMU München; Fotos: Alexander Schweitzer
LMU München; Fotos: Alexander Schweitzer
AOK Berlin
AOK Berlin
Aula der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Aalen
Aula der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Aalen
Aula der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Aalen


The innovative and highly professional planning tool muto designer is available to you. Unique, innovative, exciting! Choose from more than 150 species of wood, unlimited variations of joining technology and exclusive finishing options.

Design and configure your wood surfaces with your allocated muto consultant to satisfy your requirements. Test the first features of muto' designer here:



Which surface makes your object unique? Find out! Select from more than 20,000 veneer flitches in our online warehouse and design your surface with the innovative muto designer. Simply unique.


From the procurement of the wood, to perfect processing of your flitch through to the implementation
of your design, muto has extensive knowledge and an experienced network comprising over 50 partners resulting in high-quality, luxurious muto surfaces.


muto provides the surface, which can be applied along with the selected finishing on your object.
Together with our professional muto partners, we can provide over 1.00010 finishing options and ensure simple and smooth project schedules, constant project transparency and punctual delivery.


Sit back and relax. muto partners will ensure a professional and uncomplicated installation exceeding
your expectations. muto support through every step of your project and your WOW! factor – 100% guaranteed!

Wood has been my passion for more than 30 years. I find fascination and excitement in the variety and infinite design variations.

I set myself the task of sharing my knowledge and my experience with architects and planners. Our approach is innovative, new and absolutely unique. We help you to make the best possible use of this precious material.

You are invited to dive into an entirely new world of fine design with wood!



Rolf Loose-Leonhardt

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